Hire Us

Are you a healthcare provider who has a product idea to help others, but too busy?

Whether you are a physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, or athlete having the idea is the first step of many more. Product development has the potential to be very profitable. It also has the possibility to be a drawn out, money pit.

Leverage our knowledge in product development. We have successfully developed and designed our own product in worldwide distribution. We are now offering this as a service to those who have great ideas to help people but have limited time, or knowledge about the product development cycle.

We offer the following services:

Stage 1 Market Research: We do the market analysis to see if a market exists for the product you are developing.

Stage 2 Product Sourcing: Get your product white labeled to be sold on Amazon. We have done sourcing in China and at major USA trade shows.

Stage 3 Developing a working prototype: We have experience with rapid prototyping, CAD, 3d-printing, molding, casting, injection molding in the USA and China.

Stage 4 Getting to Market: We have experience licensing, selling directly to the consumer, online marketing, social media, and retail.

Stage 5 Tradeshows: We attend Fitness Tradeshows. We can expose your product to relevant customers.

Product development is difficult to learn all at once, partner with us.

An easier route is to submit your idea for evaluation and if accepted we will do all the hard work for you, and you can sit back and collect the checks.