May 7, 2017

TP BuddieRx For Muscle Recovery and Performance

TP BuddieRx Self Care Muscle Recovery

TP BuddieRx Self Care ProductCan Self Care Products Heal?

Muscle recovery products can definitely aid the healing process. Whether you have a pre-injury or an injury, using a muscle recovery product effectively and correctly is a must to get best results during muscle recovery, health and ultimately performance.

First, each product is designed for certain corrective issues and therefore can be viewed as a specialized tool. You might have to have several in order to treat different problems that creep up over time. A foam roller to correct the spine, a massage stick for the deep back, and a mini tool for smaller areas of the body.

The body is the teacher and the self care tool is the means in which to learn about it more deeply. The knowledge you acquire while using a massage stick everyday allows for a rediscovery of your body. The activities in which you repetitively engage in causes sore spots in muscles and ultimately pain. Using the TP BuddieRx on the painful spots at first will not only allow you to become better at using it but also, to understand your body in ways your physical therapist could only do so in the past.

Find The Pain

The TP BuddieRx is effective for treating specific trigger points in muscles and helping with muscle recovery after every workout. Fact is, after your workout you will be sore and this is the best time to commit to a muscle recovery regiment.

It’s commonly known, your next workout is only as good as the time you spend on muscle recovery today. Choose as quality product and dedicate time to muscle recovery.

Start using the TP BuddieRx to find the sore spots on muscles. Using both hands on the tool press and roll up and down the muscle to find painful muscle knots. The transitioning technique is important. To move from rolling to pressing on a trigger point must be effortless, otherwise the feeling is not as effective, or satisfying.

Not only that, massage sticks can also get into hard to reach spots which usually require another person. This is what makes it so good for use at home.

Manual Therapy Products Can Aid Muscles

Getting the most of your muscles means helping them heal after intense physical activities. Start every muscle recovery session as if you will find sore spots (pre-injuries).

Muscles change daily so make sure to familiarize yourself with them first. This means you should always start off slowly with progressively more intensity later. Effectively treating the muscle means not traumatizing them at the start. Begin in positions and on muscle groups where you control 100% of the pressure from the start.

The TP BuddieRx should be used with both hands. One, to apply pressure with and the other, as a guide to keep it on the muscle knot or trigger point until you feel it release. Release means to feel less painful after you remove the tool from the trigger point and immediately, after a few seconds re-apply pressure that feels less painful.

Use a light-medium pressure to gently roll out the muscles. This will give you a feel of the muscle landscape. Use the rolling action to discover the muscle pain then seamlessly transition to a pressing action to treat the muscle pain.

The Manual Therapy Product You Use Matters

The TP BuddieRx massage stick is designed to be an anatomical stick designed after the human anatomy.TP BuddieRx This stick has been specially designed to replicate the feeling of elbow, palm and thumb to mimic the feeling of the human hand during massage.


This provides a more satisfying self massage, as close to the feeling of what a professional massage feels like because of the anatomical design.

Not Every Self-care Tool Is Effective

Manual therapy products you use for muscle recovery will make a huge impact on how you feel afterwards. Remember you will need more than one self-care tool to help your muscles and joints heal. Each product offers something unique. Differences in the construction of the self-massage tool, the material it is composed of and the feel of it will determine which one to use.

The design of TP BuddieRx makes it quite useful to release muscle knots in the front of the upper body and the entire posterior and anterior muscle group of the lower body. The TP BuddieRx stick is designed to reduce the early signs of inflammation and soreness which are present in a pre-injury. Self massages when done on a regular basis can speed up healing and this will certainly improve pain.

The Foam Roller Is Not The Entire Answer

The foam roller is hard to use. The foam roller cannot be used if you are injured, in bed, in a chair, or just tired after a tough workout. You need to be in good physical condition.

Given the choice of using a foam roller after a tough workout, I would rather go to the sauna or steam room and will skip muscle recovery part of my routine. The foam roller is more work after working out.

Injured athletes will be amazed at the TP BuddieRx’s flexibility on the muscle groups, the pressure it generates and the ease of use. It is so flexible you can use it in bed, in a chair, or laying down on the floor.

As you continue to use the TP BuddieRx stick, you will notice several self massage benefits such as faster muscle healing, improved blood flow, increased range of motion and healthier muscles. Not to forget, the TP BuddieRx will also heal pre-injuries before they become a serious issue so you can continue training and live more life as a life-long-athlete.

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