Muscle Recovery Supplements

Working out depletes your muscles and body.

Without eating the proper foods in your diet, supplements can bridge the gap between muscle breakdown and healthy muscle maintenance.

Benefits of Nutrition After Exercising

When it comes to fitness, physical activity is only half the battle.

Your body doesn’t build muscle when you are working out, it actually does this while you are eating, resting and recovering. And the best way you can impact your muscle recovery is by having a balanced diet.

After a workout, your body needs key nutrients to help with the muscle recovery process. Getting the right nutrients and the correct doses is key to having less muscle soreness and having a better next workout.

It’s hard to get the correct nutrients your body needs. Real tough. Especially if you are looking to get them through food alone. Our daily diets tend to change daily, which can leave you with nutrition gaps that can negatively impact your fitness gains.

This is why taking muscle recovery supplements is a good way to keep muscles healthy.

Muscle Recovery Supplements

Here’s a short list of the best “bang-for-your-buck” muscle recovery supplements. These are proven products that will help to boost muscle recovery so you can stay active longer.

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains Omega-3’s, fatty acids that help to reduce workout inflammation. This is important because as you exercise, you are causing your muscles to breakdown. This muscle breakdown creates inflammation in the body (don’t worry, this is good inflammation). Omega-3’s help to reduce that inflammation and aid your body’s muscles in recovering faster.utzy muscle recovery supplements

Look for a natural triglyceride fish oil. The natural form of fish oil and has the best absorption in your body.


Muscle recovery supplements post workoutMagnesium is an important supplement for muscle recovery because it helps to relax your muscles. This relaxing effect aids in muscle recovery since it helps you get a quality nights sleep. Quality sleep consists of both light and deep sleep without distractions.

In addition, magnesium increases your energy levels by activating ATP. ATP is the energy currency of the cell, meaning, it’s your body’s primary molecule for storing and transferring energy in cells. Increasing your “energy current” increases your overall energy and helps to give you a boost.

Magnesium citrate, which is a combination of magnesium carbonate and citric acid, is a great form of supplementation because it is easily absorbed by your body. Compared to taking large amounts of capsules, try the more bioavailable magnesium drink mix instead.

Vitamin D

The immune system, muscles, and bones all need vitamin D to function normally. Deficiencies of vitamin-D are common because many people don’t get enough exposure to sunlight, or foods containing vitamin-D.

A vitamin-D supplement is an inexpensive way to ensure that you get enough of this essential nutrient. Make sure to get a natural D3 (cholecalciferol) form of vitamin-D, since it is easily absorbed by the body.

When you are looking to extract the most that you can from your exercise routine, make sure to take a high-quality muscle recovery supplements. Getting these vital muscle recovery supplements can be the thing that helps you reach your next big goal.

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