TP BuddieRx – World’s First Anatomical Muscle Recovery Stick


The TP (Trigger Point) BuddieRx is the world’s first anatomically designed self-massage stick. It was design after the human anatomy including the elbow, palm, and thumb to feel more like a “natural” human massage. Other bulky massage products feel to impersonal. By designing the TP BuddieRx curves similar to the human hand, the difference can be felt. This simple, yet effective product is a game changer in self-massage and injury healing.


Why Make This

The TP (Trigger Point) BuddieRx is the world’s first anatomically designed recovery muscle stick. It was designed after the human anatomy replicating the elbow, palm, and thumb to feel more like a “natural” human massage. By designing the TP BuddieRx muscle recovery stick to have curves similar to the human hand, the results are maximized. This simple, yet effective muscle recovery stick is a game changer for lovers of movement and active lifestyles.

Each accupoint and curve can be used with precision to release newly formed trigger points in muscles. The TP BuddieRx design it is so easy to massage your quadriceps, hamstrings and other muscle groups using the incorporated handles. It works as an extension of the hand to provide “super” leverage permitting maximum pressure can be applied on sore muscle trigger points. Those familiar with the foam roller will welcome this massage stick into their “toys” since is can facilitate the myofascial release of muscles in the same way with the benefits of precise targeting and pressure application to muscles.

Primary Benefits:
  1. Mimics the palm, elbow, and thumb which feels like a more “natural” massage.
  2. Provides better biofeedback when using the anatomically designed curves on muscles.
  3. Control the location, and pressure of the accupoints allowing for light or deep pressure intensity.
  4. Transition smoothly from massaging using the straight-edges to applying pressure with the accupoints without losing the massage sensation.
  5. Able to generate “super’ leverage in normal seated positions because of its unique design.
  6. Versatile to get into the hard-to-reach muscles other products can’t.
  7. Small factor allows you to use it privately, and it does not take up space when traveling.
Having the ability to manage and treat pain yourself is liberating. The benefits of self-massage are very important to your well-being, both mentally and physically. Self-massage is the discovery of your body, it allows you to reconnect with your body again. Take the power back from medical professionals about your body. Only you understands where and how your pain originates. Healing first starts on the inside by reconnecting with yourself. This is the beginning of learning about your body. The TP BuddieRx will allow you to start the process of getting to know your body through self-massage. This discovery will allow healing to happen and once you and your body are in sync, self-massage will yield other benefits:
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved blood flow
  • Removal of toxins
  • Healthier muscles
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Less injury prone
  • Increase ROM

Instructional Videos

Find instructional videos on how to use the TP BuddieRx on our  YouTube Channel

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