TP BuddieRx – World’s First Anatomical Massage Stick

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Using the TP BuddieRx design self care and massage is now easier than ever.

Each accupoint and curve can be used with precision to release trigger points in muscles after physical activity. Reap the better benefits of healthier muscles:

  • Faster recovery
  • Improved blood flow
  • Removal of toxins
  • Healthier muscles
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Less injury prone
  • Increase ROM

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  • Mimics curves of the palm, elbow, and thumb which feels like a more “natural”.
  • Control the location, and pressure for light or deep pressure massage.
  • Easily transition smoothly from massaging to applying pressure with the acupoints.
  • Generate “super” leverage in normal seated positions.
  • Access small and hard-to-reach muscles other products can’t.
  • Small to allow you to use it privately, and for it not to take up space while traveling.
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Weight 1 lbs

5 reviews for TP BuddieRx – World’s First Anatomical Massage Stick

  1. Julie Mates

    Love this product, it’s so good for trigger points and massage.

  2. John Harold

    Once you get into the habit of using this tool everyday, it’s easy. I can feel the difference it makes on the days I don’t use it, verses the days when I do use it. I take it everywhere and I use it daily after physical activity.

  3. Roger Helmstone

    I am not sure how to use this for my back. Does work better than a foam roller on some body parts.

    • huxfit Support

      Thank you for your feedback. This product is not designed for the deep back. Try the AccuStick for that, it is a companion product to the TP BuddieRx.

  4. Jenn Smith

    This product is different than other tools, there’s some learning involved to use it. Now, I just love it. I can treat myself at home and saves me money!

  5. Sara Lemming

    On a heavy leg day, I use this to help flush out the lactic acid by massaging my quads and lower legs. It helps my muscles recover faster so I’m happy so far. I’ve noticed the look of my muscles are “better” looking for whatever that’s worth. I should take some photos.

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