SKLZ Accustick – Trigger Point and Tension Relief Tool

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  • It’s curves, corners and points were specifically designed to massage muscles and release pressure from any point on your body.
  • The lightweight yet durable design makes it easily portable.
  • The AccuStick is the ideal addition to every post- or pre-training regimen.

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  • WARM UP AND RECOVERY TOOL. Use the SKLZ Accustick for a unique massage and trigger point release, before or after your hardest workouts. It is designed to help release tight muscles, prevent injury, and lead to more effective warm up and recovery.

  • TENSION RELIEF. Get to those hard to reach knots with the SKLZ Accustick. Designed with curves, corners, and points specifically intended for effective tension release. The portable Accustick gives you soft tissue massage for rapid recovery.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE. The SKLZ Accustick is lightweight and durable, so you can bring it anywhere as it become a part of your training regime. Strong enough to make an impact and effective enough to make a difference; this is recovery done right.

  • INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH. Taking care of your body is a crucial part to reaching your physical potential. Prevent injury, release muscle tension and knots, and rejuvenate soft tissue with the SKLZ Accustick self-massaging tool.

Video: How To Release Trigger Points in the Should area

Dr. Ben Kim demo trigger point release with Accustick
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4 reviews for SKLZ Accustick – Trigger Point and Tension Relief Tool

  1. Mark Deriq

    Our team therapist recommended this and after using, I’m so glad I bought one. Helps with my performance and recovery times, so it’s worth it.

  2. Sandra Lopez

    Good for the upper back, but had to buy the TP BuddieRx for more focused trigger point and massage body work.

  3. James Steiner

    Gets into the right spot where I hold all my stress and tension in my back. I use it every night after dinner.

  4. Jess Stroms

    Yes, its good. Thank me later 🙂

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