Acupressure Massage Tool for Hand Foot Reflexology and Trigger Points

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  • 3 Unique Tips designed for pressure points to use on different parts of body
  • Comfort Grip contours to fingers making holding and apply pressure effortless
  • Reduces Fatigue on fingers, thumbs, and hand cramping
  • Multi-tool for acupressure and reflexology on forearms, wrists, palms, feet, and more.

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Acupressure massage tool designed for comport and multi-purpose functionality. Most acupressure massage tools are hard to grip for long periods of time.  The microReflex comfort grip design fits perfectly in the hand (4″). Its multi-points consolidate the place of 3 other tools into 1.

Especially effective in small hard to reach spots of the cervical neck, forearm, hand, or foot. This means you can get effective trigger point pressure resulting in better therapeutic benefits. Treats acupressure and trigger points on the forearms, wrists, palms, fingers, soles of feet, and toes easily. Say good-bye to sore or stressed joints of the fingers or thumbs.

You might be wondering, reflexology does it work? Eastern cultures have long used reflexology and acupressure as a preventative measure for illnesses. Consistency is key to prevention, and prevention is key to a healthy body. Specific pressure points on the body including on the hands and feet have been used to clear blockages, correct imbalances and promote self-healing of the body. People who have reported having improvements with:

  • arthritis
  • stress
  • pain
  • low energy
  • mood conditions
Dimensions 4 × .25 × 4 in

4 reviews for Acupressure Massage Tool for Hand Foot Reflexology and Trigger Points

  1. Rhonda Metz

    Can’t leave home without it. Got one for the home and office. I have carpel tunnel and this helps on acupressure points

  2. Lisa Frohinz

    This thing is amazing. Like the fact is has multiple points to choose from, although I mainly use 1. Very comfortable in the hands also.

  3. Missy Portula

    I get tension headaches and this gets into the right spots behind my head – hurts, but feels good.

  4. Amy Li

    Nice design, small, easy to use, multiple points to change things up. Sometimes, I put so much pressure I use the 3 bumpy point to get circulation going again. Get this thing…

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