Self-massage The Safer Alternative To Massage Therapy Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus And How It Changes Massage Therapy

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a reality and something to prepared for especially when getting massage therapy or chiropractic services. Everyone will need to do their part to make lifestyle changes during the coronavirus pandemic. Does this mean you have to give up professional massage therapy? The answer is, maybe, depending on your level of risk.

At this point, the question is, how big and how fast will the coronavirus outbreak be? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has said many people in the USA will at some point encounter the virus. Prevention and hygiene are key components.

According to the CDC, the Coronavirus spreads person-to-person. People who are in close contact to one another can spread the virus. Furthermore, some asymptomatic people can spread the coronavirus to you without symptoms.

This virus highlights the importance of personal responsibility for one’s own self. It is also the shared responsibility we all have to help overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

For some, the stress and anxiety of the coronavirus might lead them to want a professional massage. Not so fast. Things have changed with the coronavirus outbreak, now and forever after. Since this is a novel virus, and no ones really knows all the answers, not to mention because many massage therapists and massage franchise are independently owned and operated, they will have different levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Below are some questions you should ask all your massage therapists before scheduling your next massage appointment.

Based On CDC Recommendations, Ask Your Massage Therapist These Questions

  • Are you washing your hands frequenty especially before and after each patient? Washing hands is one of the top recommendations for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Are they cleaning and disinfecting communal surfaces such as door handles, lights, switches, chairs, levers, lotion bottles, hot stones, and are linens disinfected after each use? The coronavirus has been able to survive on surfaces for hours and even up to days depending on the material.
  • Are therapists screening patients before massages to find out where they have been? This is to ensure patients who don’t display symptoms don’t spread the virus because of the close proximity to each other during the massage in a closed room.

Other CDC recommendations:

  • Social distancing. This is not possible with massage since remaining more than 6 feet away from the patient is not possible.
  • Avoid community based settings such as where a lot of people congregate and have the ability to spread from one infected person to many others.

Being cautious on both sides is super important in preventing the spread of the coronavirus and is part of our shared responsibility. Don’t feel bad about asking these questions of your therapist, and don’t assume they know everything. Professionals should welcome these questions and if not, walk away.

Self-massage - The Safe Alternative

Self-massage is a very safe, sanitary and effective treatment. Add it to your self-care routine now and after the coronavirus pandemic. You may be surprised by how good and therapeutic self-massage is. It may even reduce your dependence on massage therapy and chiropractic sessions. Not to mention how convenient and budget friendly it is given the economy post-conornavirus pandemic.

Most importantly, the risk factors associated with self-massage are so low, it is the safest massage therapy at this time. It allows you to get pain relief and mobility you need when professional massage therapy is limited. Being able to fix your own problems is very empowering.

Benefits Of Self-massage:

  • You don’t have to travel, self-massage is done in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • You don’t have to worry about contact with other patients in a communal setting like a therapist’s office.
  • You clean and disinfect your own products, such as massage tools, towels, sheets, and lotions. There is no concern about the cleanliness of your own home and hygiene.
  • You know exactly what your travel and exposure to the coronavirus history is.
  • The time saving from commuting from home to the therapist’s office and then back is eliminated.
  • There cost is affordable with a one-time investment of massage devices and accessories, which costs less one professional service.

Cutting down risk factors is huge in reducing the spread of the virus, while still getting the benefits of massage therapy at home. For self-massaging specific muscle groups, you can read more on how to treat muscle soreness, aches, and pains yourself at home.

Tips To Make Self-massage Feel More Like Professional Massage:

  • Use a massage tool to reduce the stress on your hands and fingers. A massage tool will allow you to massage longer, and generate the correct force for therapeutic release of muscles.
  • Use massage oil so it feels more like a natural massage. Use an oil that will allow for enough friction when applied to the massage tool against the skin. An essential oil will aid in the relaxing and spa-like atmosphere.
  • Make sure you adjust positions to the most leverage friendly positions for the muscle group you are self-massaging.
  • Massage only parts of your body that need to massaging. This will expedite the massage session and provide better healing results.
  • Gravity is your friend, laying down can assist you in generating greater force for larger muscle groups.
  • Experiment with different positions for different muscle groups.
  • Create a massage space, one free of distractions and noise. Use this time to heal your body and acquire more self-awareness from within.
  • Lastly, the time of day can greatly influence how you respond to the massage. Think about when you are most relaxed and schedule time for self-massage as a practice. Consistency is key.

The TP BuddieRx with its integrated handles is the self-massage multi-tool perfect for self-massage or couples massage. It’s so easy with this self-massage multi-tool. Adding self-massage now will pay off dividends later since taking care of your body is essential during times of a pandemic or not.

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