4 Reasons Self Massage Will Benefit You


Are Self Massages Really Useful?

Self massage is one of the most effective forms of injury rehabilitation therapy. Perhaps the best thing about self massage is that it can be used both for healing injury as well as injury prevention. Those of you who have used it know well its effectiveness and therapeutic benefits.

Massage therapy in general has been around for centuries. The primary goal of a paid massage is to help you relax and de-stress. Self massage and its various combinations of using your own hands and a self-massage product can do a good job of replicating human massage strokes, and the use of essential oils can be used to make the self massage more relaxing.

What are the Benefits of a Self Massage?

Self massage might not feel as “pampered” as a professional massage, but it is extremely effective at providing therapeutic benefits:

1. Direct biofeedback

Knowing exactly where your neuromuscular pain is in your body is the number one reason biofeedback is so integral during self massage. You can then effectively isolate a knot/adhesion/pain point. The body will let you know how much pressure to apply and the duration to hold it on the spot. Biofeedback is the most reliable communication loop.

2. Improved blood circulation

Gentle strokes increase blood circulation in the massaged area which is followed by an increased diffusion of oxygen and nutrition into the muscles and tissue cells.

3. Improved flexibility and range of motion (ROM)

Self-massage therapy of muscles and joints results in increased ROM, power, and optimal performance. This in return helps you work more efficiently and at the same time facilitates muscle building.

4. Shorten recovery time

Waste products such as lactic acid can build up in muscles after exercise, and your body’s blood circulation alone might not be able to clear the toxic debris very quickly. Massaging a specific muscle or body area can help eliminate toxic debris and shorten your recovery time.

Heal and Prevent Injury

Stretching and massaging your muscles and connective tissue can boost your body’s self-repair mechanisms. In addition, massage has a relaxing effect on muscles, which is necessary to prevent stress and over-training.

Self Massage Has Immediate Pain-Relief Benefits

Self massage has the added benefit of being able to relax your body in the privacy of your home. You can use your hands and fingers to address issues immediately. If you can’t reach the spots that need your attention, an effective self-massage tool comes in handy.
Some self massage products are especially designed for more effective deep-tissue body work. That’s right. You can reach troubled areas with minimal effort.
The bottom line is that self massage can be a great addition to your normal routine if you are regularly participating in physical activity. Make sure you find the best self-massage tool for you – one that matches your level of activity and your body’s needs.

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