October 6, 2017

Release Tight Upper Trapezius Muscles

release trigger points in trapezius muscle

Release Trigger Points In Upper Trapezius (trap) Muscles

Until now, the only way to treat them was to go to a therapist. You don’t have to spend a fortune at your chiropractor or massage therapist. Not to mention, waste time going to and from a doctor’s office.

This is a very common place to get trigger points, so everybody has it.  I will show you how to release it yourself at home.

It is important to know how to do it yourself because these trigger point will re-appear throughout life. Daily living activities will keep them active.

If you work at a desk, use a backpack, carry a handbag, or do exercises lifting the arm over the head will cause issues in the upper trap muscles.

Even doing repetitive motions in sports and physical activities will also keep them active, so it’s best to learn how to manage them yourself.

Potential Conditions

Left untreated they could develop into a variety of conditions:
-Stiff neck
-Forward Neck Posture
-Text Neck
-Desk Posture

Upper Trap Trigger Point Locations

treating tight trapezius muscle trigger points

There are 2-3 trigger points in the upper trap muscle.








Finding The Trigger Points

You can always use your hands to find tight and fibrous muscle fibers. You can also follow the pain. Press where the pain is, and then press upward along the muscle fibers, and then downward along the muscle fibers. The muscle knot or trigger point should reveal itself to you.

Smart Self-Care

Using your fingers for treating trigger points can cause joint damage by the repeated force generated over time. Using the incorrect products to treat trigger points is also dangerous. There are many products for manual therapy, or self-care, products on the market and knowing which one to choose requires some research.

Product used in the video is the TP BuddieRx.

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