Introducing the TP BuddieRx

The World’s first anatomical designed massage stick.

TP BuddieRx more human
Human Design

It’s like having an extra thumb, elbow, and palm.

Benefit of curves
3 Curves - 3 Different Angles

Get a better more “natural” massage.

TP BuddieRx has 2 different sized acupoints for trigger point release
2 Different Accupoints

You control the location and intensity.

TP BuddieRx incorporates 3 different lengths
3 Straight Edges

Transition from massaging to applying pressure effortlessly.

TP BuddieRx designed for myofacial release
Front of Body Aches

Access hard-to-reach muscles other products can’t.

TP BuddieRx uses leverage to alleviate sore muscles
Leverage Design

Generate “super’ leverage in normal everyday positions.


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